three_african_american_women_smilingSHARE’s outreach programs meet women where they are, in their communities, with information about breast or ovarian cancer that’s understandable and manageable. Our volunteers spread hope by acting as faces of survivorship.

SHARE outreach volunteers empower women to take control of their health by offering compassionate, reliable information from a survivor’s point of view. They work in four main areas: corporate offices, hospital breast clinics, medical schools, and underserved communities.

Pink and Teal: Corporate Education Program

Breast and ovarian cancer survivors empower corporate employees to take responsibility for their health with enlightening presentations about risk, treatment, early detection, doctor-patient relationships, and much more.

Survivor-Patient Navigators

Survivor Patient Navigators are bilingual breast cancer survivors in breast cancer clinics who provide an instant "face of survivorship" for women who are newly diagnosed.

Side-by-Side: Doctor-Patient Communication

This award-winning educational program gathers medical students and cancer survivors in dynamic workshops that promote more compassionate doctor-patient relationships.

SHARE Ambassadors

SHARE Ambassadors are Latino/Hispanic and African-American survivors of breast and ovarian cancers who serve as educators and advocates in their own communities, working to combat the healthcare disparities that disproportionately affect them.

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