Information About Ovarian Cancer

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Ovarian Cancer Update

Researchers continue to learn more and more about ovarian cancer, but it is still a complex disease to understand and treat. There is no reliable screening test, which makes it hard to detect the disease early. When caught early, ovarian cancer can be effectively treated and the less likely the cancer is to return. However, because most women are diagnosed in later stages, recurrence is more likely, but it is hard to predict who will recur.

The Foundation for Women’s Cancer estimates that about 15% of women will survive more than 10 years after being diagnosed with an advanced-stage ovarian cancer. These women may or may not develop recurrence.

There are more and more new treatment options available for women with early stage or recurrent ovarian cancer. One new treatment is immunotherapy, which helps the body’s own immune system recognize and attack ovarian cancer cells as they grow.

Some kinds of ovarian cancer are passed down through genes. Scientists hope that studying this kind of ovarian cancer will lead to better treatments. They are also looking at how lifestyle, diet, and medicine can lower a woman’s risk of getting ovarian cancer.

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