Ovarian Cancer Helpline

Call SHARE's ovarian cancer helpline and speak with a survivor or caregiver who's been there. We can answer your questions, talk with you about treatments, help you sort through your options and make informed decisions. We can connect you with a peer whose situation is similar to yours, or we can just listen. Direct numbers for our ovarian and breast cancer helplines are listed below, or you can call our main number at 844-ASK-SHARE. Give us a call today; you are never alone. If you prefer, you can reach us via email at helpline@sharecancersupport.org.

Call our Helpline

Ovarian Cancer (toll-free) 866-537-4273

Breast Cancer (toll-free in English and Spanish) 844-275-7427

Espanol (Seno y Ovario) 212-719-4454

Caregivers (toll-free) 844-275-7427

Whether you have a diagnosis yourself, or you're a friend, family member or caregiver of someone with a diagnosis of ovarian cancer, SHARE is always here for you to lend support, give information, share experiences, and lift you up every time you need it. Research has proven that having the support we need during our most challenging times is paramount to honing coping skills and striving for wellness. Our supportive network is made of people just like you, who DO know what it's like, who HAVE been there, who CAN help, and who share our mission to create and sustain a positive community of those who are affected by breast and ovarian cancers, and they do it right through our ovarian cancer and breast cancer helpline.

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