Part II - Body Grief: Losing parts of ourselves and our identity before, during and after cancer treatment

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When cancer is diagnosed, there is a common experience for people to feel under attack or betrayed by their own body. Some even experience distrust and dissociation with their body. The multitude of losses that come along with a cancer diagnosis are sometimes met with well-intended but insensitive feedback from those around you. Grieving for body parts that have been with you your entire life, that may even define parts of your identity, requires a vulnerable acknowledgement that cancer has taken something away. When someone has completed active treatment, a new version of grief may emerge regarding the changes in personality traits, roles, and identities.

Join us and our guest speaker, Kristy Case. She is a licensed clinical social worker and a certified oncology social worker with more than 15 years of experience in helping people and families dealing with cancer. In this session, we will learn about body grief and ways to cope with it. We will also explore methods to heal from this challenging experience.

The goals of this workshop are to provide you with:

  • knowledge on how body grief may be present in your life
  • adaptable emotional coping tools to face loss and change
  • activities you may wish to incorporate as you grieve the loss of your body parts and identity
kristy_caseKristy Case, licensed clinical social worker and a certified oncology social worker


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Friday 12-1pm ET
May 24

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