Celebrating International Women’s Month at SHARE

"I've worked for women's cancer nonprofits for over 25 years and through my position as director of SHARE's uterine/endometrial cancer program, I've been so grateful to continue my work in this area. We started the SHARE uterine program two years ago and it's been very gratifying to provide much-needed support and information to women affected by uterine cancer who didn't have many resources in the past. Additionally, we work closely with our AfroSHARE and LatinaSHARE teams to spread awareness in these communities about uterine cancer signs, symptoms, and risk factors." -- Kitty Silverman, Uterine/Endometrial Cancer Program Director


“To me, my position at SHARE has a lot of meaning, because I get to be hands on with our mission. I get to see first hand what our programs and services do for underserved women. We are still reaching out to women during COVID, and they've been very receptive to virtual communication. We’re able to talk to these women so much more and see a real impact on what we do. It's a unique opportunity that I'm so grateful for every day.” -- Dominique Bethea, Outreach Manager




"It is a blessing and an honor to be part of a team that works so hard to bring people out of the darkness of fear and confusion and into the light of empowerment and hope." -- Olympia Cepeda, MPH, LatinaSHARE Manager and Outreach Coordinator





“SHARE’s mission to educate underserved communities about female cancers and to support women and their loved ones through diagnosis and recovery is truly inspiring. I am grateful for the opportunity to build upon SHARE’s successful programs in order to reach Chinese American women and their families, and be part of the movement to provide linguistically appropriate and culturally competent support.” -- Janice Won, Chinese Program Consultant 

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