Staff Member Profile: Lashana Thomas, Director of Conferences and Events

Lashana Thomas joined the SHARE team as a staff member in August 2022, but had already become acquainted with SHARE as a consultant on the 2022 “Getting Our Fair SHARE” conference. We are thrilled that she has joined us in the newly created position of Director of Conferences and Special Events, and look forward to working with her on the 2023 conference and the workstream, as well as next September’s gala. 

Lashana came to SHARE with a strong background in events, entertainment and marketing. She got her start back in 2008 when she interviewed then-Senator Barack Obama during his first Presidential run – an experience that led to a get out the vote position on his 2012 campaign. Since then she has worked for talk show host Wendy Williams, music and entertainment executive Steven Greener, and has helped produce large-scale events including “Women of Power,” and “Black Entrepreneurs.” 

Lashana is a Bronx native who comes from a family of nine children. She was the first of her Jamaican family to be born in the United States, and still lives in the Bronx. Her interest in SHARE’s mission comes, in part, from her family’s connection to health care – including one sister who is a nurse, and another who is a pre-med student. 

Her commitment to SHARE’s mission also comes from her interest in the health disparities which Black women face. “There is a real need for change in this country – too often, politics and economics get in the way. I’m so glad to see that SHARE is on the front lines, and taking on the challenges of this issue. It’s inspiring to be a part of the commitment of this small but mighty team.”

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