Stage 4 Is Not the End by Noshin Saloojee

Noshin Saloojee

To All The Beautiful Cancer Community,

“It’s Breast Cancer”. These are words no one wants to hear, let alone at 29 years old.

October 2020 is when it all started, ironically being Breast Cancer Awareness month. I felt a lump. It was in my right breast, a hard and very obvious lump. Fast forward two months, December 17th, the day I received a membership to this crap diagnosis, breast cancer.

One year later I started the process of beginning my medical career and The Big C happened, metastatic breast cancer to my brain. I am now disabled with very limited movement however incredibly supported by my family.

Some days are going to seem impossible however take it one day at a time. I don’t particularly like when people tell me I have the ‘strength’ to get through cancer, that’s not what I have within me. What I do have is determination and a willingness to give myself as much life as I can.

Be kind to yourself. Be gentle to yourself.

Also, a reminder to check yourself often. Cancer knows no age nor gender.

From @pinkribbonmountains, a MBC patient trying to make the most of life.

Thank you,
Noshin Saloojee

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