Did You Know SHARE Offers these Services?

Did You Know SHARE Offers These Services?

Many of the people we serve know about SHARE’s Helpline, Support Groups, live Educational Webinars, and community outreach. We also want to bring your attention to some of our lesser-known services!

Find a Free Mammogram in the New York Metro Area

Many encounter barriers when trying to schedule an appointment for a mammogram. Concerns about cost or not knowing who to call can be daunting. SHARE provides you with information on sites where you can get a mammogram at no cost.

Access a One-Stop Resource for Breast Cancer Patients Living with Brain Metastasis

At MBCBrainMets.org, we are committed to sharing cutting-edge information and resources in a simple format. Curated by patients and supported by nonprofit funding, we connect you to knowledge and support tailored specifically to your needs.

Get Dietary Information On-Demand

Ina®, the World’s first Dietitian-on-Demand, provides the same guidelines-based, personalized nutrition interventions and the guidance of a registered dietitian, including coordination and data sharing with your medical and nutrition team. Ina helps people with cancer eat healthy and stay well-nourished throughout their treatment and beyond.

Watch SHARE’s Webinars On-Demand

Wondering about how cancer may affect your relationship with your children? Want to learn what to expect after breast reconstruction surgery? How about fighting cancer with good nutrition? Check out SHARE’s library of On-Demand Videos and explore whatever topics are meaningful for you with leading experts in each topic.

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