Celebrating Women Who Uplift Women!


Women's History Month highlights the contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society. We can think of no better way to honor this month than to highlight several representatives of the SHARE community who dedicate their time, brain power, and hearts to supporting the women we serve.   We asked them what they were most proud of in their important work. In their own words:

“Working with SHARE as a Patient Navigator has given me the opportunity to transform my personal experience with cancer into a positive force that allows me to have meaningful interactions with individuals and the community we proudly serve.  I am very proud of having grown from being a newly diagnosed cancer patient,  to becoming an Advocate, Ambassador and now a Patient Navigator for SHARE, helping  other women when they face the same challenges I have been through. It is very meaningful to me that SHARE's initiative to create a Patient Navigation Model that can be used as a national model to achieve our goal of helping patients, family members, and caregivers overcome barriers to health care.”

--Sandra Morales, Patient Navigator


The personal achievement I am most proud of within breast cancer is that I am a 7-year invasive lobular breast cancer survivor and have used my advocacy to shine a light on the barriers and health disparities after a cancer diagnosis and helping to make impactful change. It can be challenging to amplify my voice as I am often the only Black professional in many spaces.  I take particular pride in the impact of Triple-Negative Breast Cancer in Black Women research accomplished that led to our poster being accepted at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium last year and produced a TNBC conversation starter postcard that reflected the Black women in image and tone. The fact that I continue to rise up and speak up about the health disparities and health literacy for historically excluded communities and bring creative ideas to create content that will resonate means the world to me.”

--Megan-Claire J. Chase, Breast Cancer Program Director & Our BC Life Podcast Host 


“I am grateful to be an individual funder for the SHARE’s Chinese Program. Seeing it becoming a reality is definitely an achievement, although we are still in the beginning of the journey. In 2021, NIH highlighted the need to educate Asian Americans to improve cancer literacy and healthcare providers to understand the important cancer risks of the fastest-growing racial/ethnic group in the U.S.  Eliminating disparities is critical to achieving an equitable society for all Americans. SHARE does important work to help survivors. We must break the taboo of cancer in Asian American community, so people get help and take preventative measures.”

--Lucy Chan, SHARE Board of Directors


“I am very proud of my work as a Survivor Patient Navigator at a breast clinic in NYC for fourteen years. This program was unique to SHARE and was highly appreciated by the clinic because we provided a much-needed service that was not available to patients who could not communicate with their doctors. As a certified translator, I assisted the breast surgeon in delivering the breast cancer diagnosis to Spanish-speaking patients. I explained the diagnosis, options, and treatment plan and in many cases included family members if they accompanied the patient. My presence in the exam room was valued by the Breast Surgeon because I provided the care, support, and resources necessary for the patient after receiving what could very well feel like devastating news to a woman.”

--Jennie Santiago, Senior Director of LatinaSHARE Patient Support & Education


“I have had the distinct honor to serve as Vice Chair and Chair of the Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance serving a community with great unmet need. Working alongside such intelligent, dedicated advocates taught me so much about what really matters. As a 24-year survivor of Triple Negative Breast Cancer, I was thrilled to work on Sharing Our Own Experience: A Qualitative Study with Black Women Diagnosed with Triple-negative Breast Cancer with my colleagues.  The research resulted in a moving video, full report and a poster that was accepted at the 2023 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium. Metastatic Breast Cancer and Triple-Negative breast cancer are two areas where great need remains. I am proud to have contributed, even in some small way to reduce the need.”

--Christine Benjamin, Vice President of Patient Support and Education


"I crave connections with like-minded women who are also living with MBC.  We question treatments, we don’t just do what our doctors say.  We seek other opinions. We compare side effects.  SHARE has helped to give me hope that I can have quality of life going forward."

--Laura Devens, SHARE Metastatic Breast Cancer Support Group Member


"I cannot overstate the personal satisfaction I derive from handling helpline calls, facilitating support groups and recruiting, training, and supporting SHARE’s ovarian cancer volunteers in the past 12 years of managing the Ovarian Helpline and managing two of our eight peer-led Support Groups. While there have been some amazing advances in the treatment of ovarian cancer, most women are still diagnosed with late-stage disease and the recurrence rate remains high. Our helpline callers and support group participants are not shy about telling us how meaningful it is for them to talk to women whose experiences impart information, resources, and hope. And we don’t shy away from tough situations or candid discussions.  I am most proud of our successful and sustained effort to build a warm and well-informed community of ovarian cancer survivors."

--Andrea Herzberg, Ovarian Helpline Manager & Ovarian Support Group Facilitator


SHARE appreciates all of the women who have dedicated so much of their lives to founding and growing our organization – volunteers, Ambassadors, staff, our Board of Directors, consultants, and those we serve every day!

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