Clinical Implications of Targeting Cancer Stem Cells in MBC

By Joan Mancuso

In working hard to develop systemic treatments for breast cancer, scientists are rigorously conducting research on targeting our immune system. Along with that, work by Dr. Max Wicha has shed light on understanding how cancer stem cells (CSC) contribute to the growth and spread of tumors, as well as how these cells interact with the immune system.

Recap: We Run for Hope 5K/10K Run and Walk

Runners and walkers from around the city gathered at Flushing Meadows Park on Sunday, June 4, to participate in the 5th Annual We Run for Hope 5K/10K Run and Walk. The annual event honors patients and survivors of cancer, as well as the memory of those who died from the disease, and raised funds for SHARE's programming.

Recap of “Ask Me Anything” with Dr. Don Dizon

SHARE, in partnership with the online platform HealthUnlocked, recently hosted our first ever “Ask Me Anything”, or AMA, on our ovarian cancer community. The event, held on June 14 and modeled after the widely popular Reddit AMA sessions, provided members of our site with the opportunity to get their questions about ovarian cancer answered directly by a renowned expert in the field.

Potential Benefits for NYC Women with Breast or Ovarian Cancer

SHARE would like to let its constituents know about a program that offers benefits to women in New York City who may have been diagnosed with breast or ovarian cancer as a result of 9/11.

The James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act of 2010 established a World Trade Center Health Program to provide high-quality, compassionate healthcare for survivors of 9/11 who lived, worked, or were attending school in the area.

Ovarian cancer- getting support, help and information to those that need it

This article was originally published on HealthUnlocked.

11 May 2017

Ovarian cancer is the seventh most common cancer in women worldwide• and an earth-shattering piece of news to anyone who has just been diagnosed. HealthUnlocked are striving to make sure every one of those living with ovarian cancer has access to life changing personal online support, help and information whenever they need it.

Rosemary: Trusting Her Intuition

Rosemary: Trusting Her Intuition

My hope in sharing my story is to encourage women to trust their intuition and act on it when something doesn’t seem right with their body--even when symptoms might be brushed off by the medical experts, like physicians assistants & even some physicians.

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