About Our Caregiver Support

Don’t do it alone.

When a loved one is diagnosed with breast, ovarian, uterine and metastatic breast cancer, everyone is affected. SHARE can help!

Helping a family member or friend through cancer treatment is a huge responsibility. Whether you provide comfort, prepare meals, accompany your loved one to chemo sessions, or help her manage feelings of sadness and fear, you're a caregiver. And caregivers need support, too.

SHARE Caregiver Circle for Family and Friends offers a community of support, ensuring that you receive the help you need. You can speak one-on-one with a trained volunteer through our peer support helpline or meet with other caregivers at our support groups, and you can participate in our teleconferences and webinars to get information from professionals. Our mission is to connect you with other caregivers to share strategies and support so you can care for your loved one without losing yourself. Click here to learn more about our caregiver support group.

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