Public Policy

SHARE believes that survivors must have a voice in decisions that impact breast and ovarian cancer research and treatment. SHARE Advocates provide this voice collectively and as individuals.

Our Goals

To identify and promote treatments for breast and ovarian cancer that are evidence-based and that are safe.
To guarantee that every person diagnosed with breast or ovarian cancer has access to the highest quality care.
To promote screening for these diseases that is appropriate and targeted to the right people.
To eliminate breast and ovarian cancer once and for all.

Our Methods

Speaking out

  • We urge legislators to fund high-reward research.
  • We encourage and demand that government agencies conduct better review of drugs and complete disclosure of side effects from these drugs.
  • We play an active role at advocacy conferences throughout the country.
  • We network with other advocacy groups nationally and internationally.
  • We support drug company programs that help women who can't afford expensive drug treatments.
  • We encourage medical practitioners to provide treatments that are evidence-based.

Raising Awareness

  • We educate breast and ovarian cancer survivors about break-throughs and controversies in diagnosis and treatment.
  • We educate ourselves by participating in advocacy conferences and attending educational programs. Some of us are graduates of Project LEAD and attend SHARE Leaders meetings.

Who We Are

Some SHARE Advocates finished treatment long ago. Some are going through treatment now. Some are loved ones of women or men affected by breast or ovarian cancer.

Some have political experience. Most do not.

Some have a scientific background. Most do not.

All you need to be a SHARE Advocate is the interest, time, and energy to work with us to make a difference.

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