Ovarian Cancer Research News from SGO 2019

Ovarian Cancer Research News from SGO 2019

Patient Advocate, Terry Jannuzzo, and Ovarian Cancer Program Director, Stephanie Blaufarb

This month gynecologic oncologists from across the country got together to share their research at the Society of Gynecologic Oncology Conference (SGO). SHARE was there and we were very proud to see our helpline volunteer and patient advocate, Terry Jannuzzo, speak about her experience as an ovarian cancer survivor. You can see the full Medscape presentation on maintenance therapies that features Terry's presentation here.

We were inspired to see so many leading experts working hard to find better treatments for ovarian cancer. We’ve linked to several articles published in the oncology media about the conference so you can learn more.

We saw several presentations on research that took a closer look at the details of how to best use PARP inhibitors. One study looked at efficacy of Niraparib after dose reduction for those with low platelet count or low body weight. Another small study looked at the safety and efficacy of trying a second PARP inhibitor after progression while using a first PARP inhibitor. This study gives us a preliminary answer to the question, “Can we try PARP after PARP to treat recurrent Ovarian Cancer?” Another study looked at the symptoms and toxicities of PARP inhibitors using what’s called a “TWiST analysis”. You can hear the study author, Dr. Ursula Matulonis, describe her analysis in this SGO interview. Lastly, we saw results from a study looking at the safety of using a PARP inhibitor with an older population. These studies will give oncologists better information about how and when to use PARP inhibitors in the treatment of ovarian cancer.

There were also some promising phase II study results reported at SGO that could develop into practice changing treatments. We saw an immunotherapy + chemotherapy trial that showed a benefit to overall survival. You can hear the author of that study speak a little bit about his results in this SGO interview. Plus we saw promising phase II trial results for a Pembrolizumab, Bevacizumab, and Cyclophosphamide combination for Ovarian Cancer. Hopefully we will hear more about these trials as they move to the next phase of research.

Preliminary results from the WISP Trial were reported on at SGO. This study is looking at the effects of risk reducing surgery for those who have a hereditary risk of ovarian cancer to remove Fallopian tubes before menopause and then remove the ovaries after menopause. Last but not least, we saw a study that highlighted the importance of both germline and somatic genetic testing in ovarian patients.

If you'd like to hear more about research updates from the conference, we hope you can join SHARE as we catch up with Dr. Stephanie Blank, Director of Gynecologic Oncology at Mt. Sinai Health Systems. She will be with us for a special in-person educational program reviewing current research and treatment updates for ovarian cancer. The talk will take place Wednesday, April 3 at 6pm at Mt. Sinai in Chelsea. Bring your questions for this interactive discussion. Click here to find out more.

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