A Special Thank You To Jackie Reinhard

It’s with deep gratitude that SHARE says goodbye to Jacqueline (Jackie) Reinhard, SHARE’s Executive Director since 2012, as she enters into a new and well-deserved phase of life: retirement!

Jacqueline Reinhard (bottom row, center-left) with SHARE staff and volunteers

A breast cancer survivor, Jackie felt a personal calling to work at SHARE. She left a long, successful career in technology and nonprofit leadership, including a position as the Executive Director of the Greater New York Chapter of the ALS Association, to work at SHARE because she believed in SHARE’s mission of peer support.

“When I was diagnosed, I leaned on my best friend who was being treated for breast cancer herself for advice. Doctors could explain what I was likely to feel during treatment, but being able to confide in another woman I trusted who could resonate with my experience was so valuable. That was what SHARE was offering, for free, to thousands of women across the country. I knew I wanted to be a part of giving back.”

SHARE saw unprecedented growth under Jackie’s leadership. In 2013, SHARE conducted its first educational webinar, which allowed women and their loved ones across the United States to access the latest research and quality information no matter where they lived. By 2018 SHARE was reaching 78,000 people every year though breast cancer support groups and education programs that are now accessible nationwide through teleconferences, webinars, and other online platforms.

Jackie was deeply committed to reaching women wherever they feel most comfortable, whether in person or via technology. She revolutionized SHARE’s technological systems to improve Helpline service, reaching women in all 50 states and allowing SHARE to train and support volunteers across the U.S. She also spearheaded the initiative to launch SHARE’s first online support communities.

Additionally, Jackie led SHARE’s national expansion into Florida, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, and helped strengthen SHARE's national reputation for culturally-competent outreach services into medically underserved communities, including the LatinaSHARE and African American Ambassador programs.

Over the last seven years, the number of women SHARE reaches each year has grown by over 700%.

“Even as we’ve grown, SHARE’s community really remains like a family,” Jackie says. “It’s been a privilege to be a part of this amazing group of staff and volunteers. My hope is for SHARE to continue to grow in strength and inclusivity, so that every woman who needs support can find it here.”

“Jackie led SHARE in building powerful, nation-wide programs for women who need it most and helped lay a successful foundation for SHARE’s future. We are deeply grateful for her leadership and will miss her guidance, and wish her a relaxing and fulfilling retirement,” says Angelica Cantlon, SHARE’s Board President.

We are delighted to announce that Jackie is being succeeded by Carol Evans, SHARE's new CEO and Executive Director. Read more about Carol here.

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