Volunteer on SHARE’s New Uterine Cancer Helpline

Volunteer on SHARE’s New Uterine Cancer Helpline

This year, an estimated 61,880 women in the United States will be diagnosed with uterine cancer, making it the fourth most common type of cancer in U.S. women. Of these, 90% will be diagnosed with endometrial cancer. Unlike many other kinds of cancers that are on the decline, the rate of endometrial cancer diagnoses has been rising over the last decade.

We understand that the support of family and friends is invaluable to women facing a cancer diagnosis—and that there's nothing like being able to talk to someone who's been through it herself. SHARE's Helplines, available seven days a week, connect women with breast, ovarian, or metastatic breast cancer with trained peers who can offer trained, personal support based on their own experience with these diseases.

Now, to make sure that the growing number of women diagnosed with uterine and endometrial cancer can benefit from peer support too, SHARE is launching a new uterine/endometrial cancer Helpline! We are currently recruiting uterine and endometrial cancer volunteers to serve on the new Helpline. Click here to learn more.

If you are a uterine or endometrial cancer survivor, you can use your experience to support other women with these diseases by volunteering on the Helpline. Many of Helpline volunteers have felt that giving back in this way has been extremely rewarding.


"It's always an uplifting experience. Interacting with the women at SHARE, and seeing how they comfort and encourage each other, restores my faith in humanity."

- Mary, a Helpline volunteer

Helpline volunteers are plugged into a community of support from other survivors and peers, and they receive information and training on topics that matter to them. Scheduling is flexible, and volunteers can work from the comfort of their own home.

If you're interested in volunteering on the uterine cancer Helpline, please click below to fill out a form with your experience and availability, and you will be contacted by a Helpline coordinator.

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