Important COVID-19 Resources for Cancer Patients

Important COVID-19 Resources for Cancer Patients

Over the past several weeks, we have been hearing about some great resources related to the coronavirus pandemic that are specifically for cancer patients. We’ve collected the most useful guidance, research, and financial aid for cancer patients in the links below.

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Guidance for Cancer Patients during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Research on COVID-19’s Effect on Cancer Patients

  • Ovarian Cancer and COVID-19 Concerns Survey - The purpose of this survey is to explore ovarian cancer survivors’ experiences and levels of worry and distress during the current pandemic, and to bring this collective community perspective to medical professionals immediately.   
  • COVID-19 Symptom Tracker - Download an app onto your phone and use it to track your exposure, symptoms and outcomes. Doing so will help researchers who are part of a collective at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston better understand this disease while it is happening. 

Assistance Programs for Cancer Patients during the Coronavirus Pandemic

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SHARE is a Resource for you too

SHARE is now providing a full range education and support specific to breast, metastatic breast, ovarian, and uterine cancer patients, online and by phone. Follow SHARE's coronavirus pandemic updates here. Find out about the many ways that you can connect to our support and education programs from the comfort of your home here.

Call 1.844.ASK.SHARE to connect with our informed support network. We are here to help!

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