SHARE Volunteers share their Covid-19 Coping Strategies

We asked our volunteers how they are coping with the social isolation required of us during the coronavirus pandemic. We hope you find these quotes uplifting and inspiring. All of our volunteers are women who have been through a cancer diagnosis and know what it's like. Our helpline and support groups are here for you to help you through these difficult times. Please feel free to reach out! 844.ASK.SHARE (844.275.7427)

Books, podcasts, and television have been making the COVID-19 quarantine bearable. Also, video chats and virtual happy hours (thank goodness wine stores are essential businesses!) with friends and family, almost every day and night, help a lot. And I walk in Central Park frequently and am thankful to be able to appreciate its spring beauty.

- Mary

I pray. I listen to music that I enjoy and although I am not good at it, I sing the words of the songs out loud. In an effort to stay active I also dance to the music that I listen to. During the day I put a chair next to the window to sit in that receives the most sunlight, in order to take in some natural vitamin D; while it is not the same as being outdoors, it will have to do in this time of social distancing.

- Nefa-Tari

Hugging yourself in the morning and then smiling at yourself in the mirror!
Trying to accomplish special tasks during the day,
And again patting yourself on the back for what you were able to do!
For those who enjoy working on puzzles, it's an enjoyable pastime.
Lastly, staying away from full time TV!

- Gladys

Just like the “old” normal.... I cope the best when I am helping others... continuing my phone calls to women I’d been helping before the Coronavirus.
Taking long walks... listening to my music... and of course cooking! I love cooking so this has forced me to enjoy one of my passions!
Stay healthy all! Hugs!


- Jodi

Sitting in my yard meditating or hiking in the woods. Keeps me sane. Working in the garden also helps!

- Nancy

Going bonkers trying to stay in shape. I'm wearing down the carpet on the staircase!

- Meryl

I am focusing on my favorite Psalm 16:8 - I keep my eyes always on the Lord. With Him at my right hand I will not be shaken.


- Karen

I started volunteering on the TalkMETS Helpline! This has helped me have some purpose during this time. Also I have taken the MBC support group in Charlotte on Zoom 2 times a month. Good to have the local support.

- Dar

Get out, take a deep breath… and have a routine, get dressed and made up as usual… no shoes in the house though ;-))


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