Staff Spotlight: Nefa-Tari Moore

Nefa-Tari Moore has been an essential part of the SHARE family since she first joined an ovarian cancer support group in 2018. Her warmth, experience, and resolve have made a difference in the lives of hundreds of women with uterine and ovarian cancer, and we are now thrilled that she is taking on a new role as the Director of Black Women's Outreach. 

Nefa-Tari first came to SHARE as a support group member, but it didn’t take long for her to join the team as an outreach Ambassador. A three-time uterine and ovarian cancer survivor, as well as a nurse, Nefa-Tari jumped at the chance to train as an Ambassador because she wanted to help the Black community and raise awareness about gynecologic cancer. 

Nefa-Tari spread the word at health fairs and community events, leading presentations, and answering questions. Because she was a survivor, she was able to share her own experiences,, and make sure that people had the facts they need to protect their health. 

In 2020, Nefa-Tari took on a more prominent role at SHARE, helping to launch its uterine cancer program. With her colleagues, she recruited volunteers, facilitated support groups, developed materials, managed the helpline, and moderated education programs. With so few services available to uterine cancer patients, Nefa-Tari’s dedication has made a critical difference to patients across the country. Nefa-Tari has also become a leading patient advocate, speaking out on behalf of the uterine cancer community, and sharing her own experiences to help others. 

Nefa-Tari is now taking on her biggest role yet, as the head of SHARE’s outreach in Black communities. “I want to be able to help people who look like me.” It’s a return to her role as an Ambassador, but now Nefa-Tari will be able to lead SHARE’s efforts, and use her years of expertise to broaden impact in the Black community. One priority is to make sure that her community understands the importance of knowing your family history, and the role of genetics. 

“I just want to be that voice,” Nefa-Tari says, “and I want to share my experience, and empower others.” She will be making sure that gynecologic cancer is front and center at SHARE’s outreach presentations. “I want to make sure that there are more programs aimed at younger women, and address the different things that younger women may go through including fertility, relationship stress, and mental health issues.” 

A Brooklyn native, Nefa-Tari sees her new role as continuing a family legacy of fearlessness and advocacy. Her grandmother was a nurse, and a community advocate. “I live by what she and my mom taught me. Along with my faith, it helped me survive cancer.”

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