Podcast Spotlight: Our BC Life and Our MBC Life

Our MBC Life Continues to Flourish in its Third Year

Lisa Laudico developed her vision for Our MBC Life just as the COVID pandemic began to take hold across the country. Lisa, a metastatic patient herself,  wanted to give others who face metastatic breast cancer the chance to build a community through a new podcast. She asked SHARE to help her create a podcast dedicated to exploring life with MBC from the perspective of those living with the disease and the experts who partner with their MBC patients to improve their lives. A remarkable woman, Lisa said “I hold hope and reality in both hands,” for both her diagnosis and her determination to bring the podcast to life. She left no stone unturned in learning about the platform; building a highly professional team of collaborators also living with the disease; and connecting over 13,000 listeners with information and hope in Our MBC Life’s first year.

We lost Lisa last year, but her legacy continues to build under the guidance of Victoria Goldberg, who has played many important roles at SHARE including helping Lisa spearhead the podcast launch.

Since the first episode launched in July 2020, 128 episodes have been produced, resulting in 60,000 downloads, in 132 countries, and in 4,084 cities and towns around the world!  Some of the most resonant episodes to date include:

S04 E01 - Lara MacGregor: How To Decline Well With Hope  

S04 E08 - Dr. Stephanie Graff: Understanding Progression  

S02 E01 - Searching for Unicorns: Exceptional Survivors & Responders

Victoria explains, “I believe in our mission because it is so important to provide hope along with information, and also an understanding that as MBC patients we need to advocate for ourselves and choose to live our lives as we want.” She continued, “MBC patients can be hard to reach, and it has become part of my legacy to ensure that Lisa’s vision thrives.”

Our BC Life Takes Off!

Megan-Claire Chase, SHARE’s Breast Cancer Program Director was inspired by Our MBC Life to launch a new podcast, Our BC Life. Megan-Claire is passionate about shedding light on the struggles and trials of early-stage breast cancer patients and survivors. She explains that much of what she talks about with her guests include the nitty gritty of what they wish they knew then, and what they know now.

It can be cathartic for Megan-Claire and her guests to share important elements of their stories with each other and their listeners. She sees it as her role as an interviewer to make her guests feel comfortable to share the most compelling parts of their experiences – to invite vulnerability and honesty in the context of their strength. It is the resulting sense of shared experience that is building Our BC Life’s growing community.

Our BC Life launched in January 2023, and has now debuted 9 episodes, with over 2,500 visitors to the podcast website.

We welcome you to check-out all of the episodes. Here are three to start:

When Surgical Menopause Wreaks Havoc on Sex Life and Mental Health

Color the Queer into Post-Cancer Menopause

When Family History and Genetic Mutation Elevate Risk of Breast Cancer

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