What You Wish You Knew About Breast Cancer

Once you receive a breast cancer diagnosis, a million things run through your mind. One of the big things is how much you don’t know before getting caught in the cyclone of treatment with no time to process until you’ve entered the survivorship stage. This podcast will dive into the nitty-gritty of what you wish you knew then and what you know now. Listen to patients share their stories in digestible bites. Each episode will help you feel less alone, informed, and hopeful. From SHARE Cancer Support, this is Our BC Life podcast.

If you would like to be a guest on the podcast, please email ourbclife@sharecancersupport.org.


S1 E5 - When Family History and Genetic Mutation Elevate Risk of Breast Cancer

Guest: Marissa Thomas, Survivor with Lynch syndrome mutation

Knowing your family history is essential to learn what you are predisposed to. In this episode, my guest Marissa Thomas, a survivor with a Lynch syndrome mutation, discusses learning of her family history and how she was diagnosed with breast cancer six months after her dad’s second bout with colon cancer. Marissa drops many gems of knowledge from the importance of genetic testing, knowing what your body’s “normal” is, and suggestions to help shift through the collateral damage of it all.


S1 E4 - The Anxiety of Breast Cancer Surgery Choices

Guest: Erin Perkins, Stage IIB triple-negative and IDC

There’s a lot of anxiety once you receive a breast cancer diagnosis. In this episode, my guest Erin Perkins, a triple negative survivor, discusses the unique way she knew something was wrong and the overwhelming feelings that came when it was time to decide on the best surgery option for her body; and why, after getting an Aesthetic Flat Closure, she wanted a revision.


S1 E3 - The Rollercoaster of Emotions When Treatment Changes

Guest: Brenda Coronado, Stage IIB invasive lobular with mix of ductal

A breast cancer diagnosis can cause a rollercoaster of emotions, especially when you are mentally prepared for a specific treatment plan but then feel blindsided by additional treatments. Guest Brenda Coronado, a stage IIB invasive lobular survivor, is fresh out of active treatment and sharing her bumpy ride of treatments and how the cultural differences and finding community in her native language are essential as she begins her survivorship stage.


S1 E2 - When Surgical Menopause Wreaks Havoc on Sex Life and Mental Health

Guest: Rachael Walker, Invasive Ductal Breast Cancer (IDC)

There are different sets of challenges when you’re originally diagnosed under 40. One of those challenges is how being surgically induced into menopause rather than nature taking its course affects the mind and sex life. That’s what guest Rachel Walker, an invasive ductal (IDC) survivor, discusses in this episode. Take a listen to how she’s learning to cope with the frustrations of survivorship and relearns how her body functions and its limitations.

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S1 E1 - The Power of Asking Questions When Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

Guest: Nancy Touhill, Triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) survivor

When you get that initial breast cancer diagnosis, you often feel powerless because so much is unknown. This episode will discuss the power of asking questions of your medical team with guest Nancy Touhill, a triple-negative breast cancer survivor (TNBC). We discuss why the relationship with your oncologist is a partnership when determining the type of treatment recommended and the unexpected mental toll of entering the survivorship stage.


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