Early Screening Saved My Life by Anj Oto

Most women are unable to receive annual mammograms and/or breast ultrasounds until the age of 40. This is despite the fact that, according to a study ...

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Podcast Spotlight: Our BC Life and Our MBC Life

Our MBC Life Continues to Flourish in its Third Year

Lisa Laudico developed her vision for Our MBC Life just as the COVID pandemic began to take ...

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A Second Helping of Life SHARE Gala 2023

To purchase tickets to A Second Helping of Life SHARE Gala 2023 please click HERE.
SHARE is very pleased to host our first live and in-person gala ...

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Staff Spotlight: Nefa-Tari Moore

Nefa-Tari Moore has been an essential part of the SHARE family since she first joined an ovarian cancer support group in 2018. Her warmth, experience, ...

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In Loving Memory of Dr. Susan Love

SHARE mourns the loss of Dr. Susan Love - a fierce, outspoken breast cancer surgeon and advocate who educated the world with the breast cancer ...

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My Breast Cancer Story by Nicole Avarez

My story begins with the words too many of us hear… “You’re too young”.

Years prior to my breast cancer diagnosis, I had discovered a palpable ...

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My Breast Cancer Story by Roberta Aridas

There is never good timing when it comes to cancer. I knew this before my husband of 31 years passed away due to colorectal cancer in October 2013. I ...

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Breast Cancer – Virginia (Ginny) Bevins

What type of breast cancer did you have?


When were you diagnosed, year and age?

2003 and age 68

How did you feel when you were ...

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New SHARE Cancer Support Logo/Branding!

We hope you are inspired by SHARE’s new logo!  It debuts July 5, 2023, and will now serve as the official mark of our brand. The introduction of ...

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My Life with Mets by Shannon Etzel

In April 2016, when I was in my late 30’s, I heard those words that no one wants to hear.…”you have cancer”. My whole world was turned upside ...

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My Breast Cancer Story by Rachel Becker

I was diagnosed December 2021 at age 37 with low ER+ (or some consider TNBC) stage 1, grade 3. It was only found through an early screening mammogram ...

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Erin’s Fight by Erin Giammarco

It hasn’t even been a year, and I’ve gone through so much. It’s crazy to think about. I found my lump in the shower one day. I asked my husband ...

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My Breast Cancer Story by Lisa-Ann Machesi

My world was rocked on December 2nd. The pain I felt, the shattering of my heart and spirit was like a wrecking ball through a stained-glass window. ...

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My Uterine Cancer Story by Kim Farnham

My name is Kim Farnham and I'm 54 years old. I bled heavily for years, and I was continually told it was normal; I was perimenopausal even though ...

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Asian Pacific American Heritage Month by Lucy Chan

Today is the start of the Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, celebrating the achievements and contributions of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders ...

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Linda Wong’s Cancer Journey

My name is Linda Wong. I was diagnosed with breast cancer for more than 20 years. When my doctor first told me, I was very surprised, sad, and scared. ...

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