Let’s Talk About It: Triple Negative Breast Cancer

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Women with Triple Negative Breast Cancer can join Nancy Touhill (TNBC survivor) and others via video or phone to talk about the topics such as "Sexuality and Cancer" (June 21), "When Well-Meaning People Say the Wrong Thing" (July19), "Survivor’s Guilt Is Real" (August 16), and "Cancer, the gift that keeps on giving" (September 29).

June 21: Sexuality and Cancer

Cancer treatments can have serious effects on the mind and body, and can drastically impact sexuality. Although sex after cancer can be complicated, there are tips and tools to help. Dr. Anne Katz, certified sexuality counselor and Clinical Nurse Specialist at CancerCare Manitoba in Winnipeg, Canada, will provide information regarding sexual changes that occur during and after treatment, and share techniques to improve sex after cancer. Please note a limited number of Dr. Katz’s book Women Cancer Sex will be provided through random selection of participants.

July 19: When Well-Meaning People Say The Wrong Thing

Going through cancer means we must deal with complex emotions — not only our own, but often those of the people around us. People may say things that aren’t helpful, even if their hearts are in the right place. This workshop will be provided by Fresh Chapter and will offer the chance to develop a personal toolkit for managing those challenging conversations.

August 16: Survivor’s Guilt Is Real

Survivors’ guilt can hit at unexpected times, especially when friends in the cancer community did not survive or received a metastatic diagnosis. Before we know it, a gray cloud begins to form even in the midst of receiving great scans, regaining strength, and the urge to thrive. So, let’s talk about the loss and grief that comes with survivor’s guilt.

September 29 (Thursday): Cancer, the gift that keeps on giving

It can often feel like just when you’re getting your life back on track after cancer, that’s when a tsunami of issues hit all at once. It’s like Murphy’s Law but with a cancer twist. Now that many people are living longer after cancer treatment, some late effects can happen months or years later. So, let’s talk about how cancer is the gift that keeps on giving and ways to manage those physical and emotional feelings.

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